Website Design and Development

Quality Website Design and Development

There are many reasons an online presence for your small business would be beneficial to your enterprise

Today's small business can and should take advantage of the many technologies available to them. These technologies include a business domain along with a website, website search engine optimization and analytics, integrated business email, customer contact management and finally, branding and social media.

Now your small business can have a quality professional website including design, development and deployment for very reasonable rates.

For the small business that lacks the information technology expertise to take advantage of important technologies, let Red Car Software be your I/T savvy support team.

What Makes Up a Website?

Words, pictures, audio, videos, colors and formatting for style!

Your website is essentially a collection of special files created to display content in web browsers. These special files (HTML documents) are written in specific languages that web browsers are designed to "understand". HTML is used to layout and display text, pictures, grapics, logos, titles and other content all designed to serve up your company's branding message.

Creating websites has evolved over time and developers now use specialized software to efficiently create websites for customers. When you are satisfied with the design, your website is sent from the developer's computer to web servers that then allow your website to be seen by anyone with access to a browser. Your small business now has a powerful online presence!

Tools for Creating Websites

Website building today requires sophisticated tools

WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are the three most popular content management systems (CMS) online. All three are open source and built on PHP + MySQL. All three vary significantly in terms of features, capability, flexibility and ease of use.

ASP.NET is one of several software development framework libraries available for web-based application development that allows for websites, web applications and web services. It requires Visual Studio, a development tool licensed for use by Microsoft.