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Website Design and Development Plans for Every Need

We provide a variety of website design and development plans to accomodate the needs and budgets of most small businesses. For the "just getting started" small business, the Starter website is available which is a to-the-point business website without the extra bells and whistles. Special requirements requiring custom application or database programming is available with price to be negotiated. In addition, previous customers can return for website package upgrades and only have to pay the difference in price. (NOTE - Some exceptions apply) The features included in each plan is listed in the table below.

Prices listed are Ballpark rates, please call for a Quote for your specific project!




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Live pages are provided below for your review of the various features available in our websites. Dynamic content provides your website with flair, delivers an awesome online presence and serves to promotes your small business with high regard.

Starter One-Page Website

This website has all the features of our websites except the dynamic content. For example, single picture graphics instead of multiple picture slideshows. Adding these features require more time and effort. Click on the picture above to see a sample page.

Dynamic One-Page Website

The one-page website is just one long single page website where the user scrolls up or down to the various sections. This is our minimum offering that includes dynamic content. This website is popular among small business for the minimum costs associated with it. Click on the picture above to see a sample page.

Multi-Page Website

The multi-page is the traditional multiple page websites that most people are familiar with. Most websites will have the Home, Services, About Us and Contact Us pages. Your business marketing strategy and/or extra features you want your website to have will determine the number of extra pages to be added to your website.

Domain Management and Hosting Plans for Every Need

We provide a variety of domain management and hosting plans to accomodate the needs and budgets of most small businesses. Domain management means you pay someone an annual fee to make it official that "you own" For example I pay for the rights to where I and only I can place my website there. To see my website, you go to my domain!

Keep in mind that it is perfectly acceptable to pay one company to administer your domain and another to host your website. This allows you to shop around for the best prices and as a business owner this should be of prime importance. I tell business owners over and over, "Don't let them fool you into being afraid to make a change!"

BONUS! Our website hosting plans includes the domain as well. No extra charge!

Please feel free to call me with any questions about domains and hosting you may have.


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  • 3 Gb
  • 50 GB
  • 2012 / 2008
  • 500 MB
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Social Media Services Available

The small business can and should make use of the social media technology available today. With a little time and effort, social media platforms can be put to use to drive traffic to the business website which in turn should drive calls and emails from customers. Check out how Red Car Software uses social media technology to drive customer traffic. In addition, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can all be used for free!

I have come to realize that not everyone is I/T savvy when it comes to all this online technology. So for those not willing or able to create and maintain social media pages for their small business, we offer services that will do the work for you.

Please feel free to call me with any questions about social media technology you may have.

We are ready to provide you great service

Red Car Software provides a variety of information technology services to the small business. In addition, we strive to provide these services with professionalism, integrity and courtesy. We stand ready to help that small business on the verge of stepping up to the next level with website design and development, domains and website hosting, and integrated business email. We will also review your current online situation to determine if it is still a good value for your company. Please take a look at the services listed below and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Amazing tools to build awesome websites

  • Fully responsive so your content will always look good on any device
  • Cool sliders give you the opportunity to showcase your content
  • Advanced template options to easily customize your website
  • Multiple layout options for home pages, portfolio, shop and blog
  • Free minor updates
  • Most revisions to your website around $49
  • Major modifications or additions negotiable