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"We are very satisfied with our website. Changes and updates have been a breeze and the customer service has been excellent. We highly recommend Red Car Software."

Langston Clay - Website Project Manager, BLE Executive & Virtual Office Suites

Website Project

The website for this company was "broken" in the sense that it was running old technology now considered security risks and so would only display full page error messages. The original website developer was nowhere to be found. I created a new website incorporating their existing branding message but using the latest ASP.NET technology. Their website is also now hosted on web servers running on the latest versions of Windows Server OS. Let me help you!

Website features:

  • Branding of Business
  • Mobile Friendly Design
  • Usage of HTML/CSS/jQuery
  • Usage of Illustrations and Grapics
  • Dynamic features (Slideshows, Banners, etc.)
Live Preview